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July and August News 2015

Summer Training Times

Friday 24th July-Barnet-Totteridge Hall-5-6pm, Cheshunt-Goffs School-7-8pm
Saturday 25th July-Enfield-Kingsmead School-9.45-11.45am
Monday 27th July-Enfield-Grange Park School-7-8pm
Tuesday 28th July-Cheshunt-Goffs School-7-8pm
Wednesday 29th July-Barnet-St Andrews-6.30-7.30pm, Enfield-Grange Park-8-9pm
Friday 31st July-Cheshunt-Goffs School-7-8pm
Saturday 1st August-Enfield-Kingsmead School-10.45-11.45am
Monday 3rd August-Enfield-Grange Park School-7-8pm
Tuesday 4th August-Cheshunt-Goffs School-7-8pm
Wednesday 5th August-Barnet-St Andrews-6.30-7.30pm, Enfield-Grange Park-8-9pm
Friday 7th August-Cheshunt-Goffs School-7-8pm
Saturday 8th August to Saturday 22nd August- All schools closed
Monday 24th August-Enfield-Grange Park-7-8pm
Tuesday 25th August-Cheshunt-Goffs School-7-8pm
Wednesday 26th August-Barnet-St Andrews-6.30-7.30pm, Enfield-Grange Park-8-9pm
Friday 28th August-Cheshunt-Goffs School-7-8pm
Saturday 29th August-Enfield-Kingsmead School-10.45-11.45am
Tuesday 1st Sept-Cheshunt-Goffs School-7-8pm
Wednesday 2nd Sept-Barnet-St Andrews-6.30-7.30pm, Enfield-Grange Park-8-9pm

FROM Thursday 3rd Sept, All training back to normal times

Grading June 20th

Congratulations to all entries for successfully passing

Future Gradings
Saturday 19th September and Saturday 13th December, both 12am start at Grange Park Sch

New Class for 3-5 year olds
From Monday 14th September, 5-5.50pm at Grange Park School, Enfield, I will be starting a class for 3-5 year old children. Training will be tailored to suit that age group. If you know anyone who may be interested let them know.

Midlands Championship July 5th
Congratulations to Shani Bocas and George Smith, For winning excellent Silver medals in the Sparring section.

Scottish Championships
Saturday 12th September, Edinburgh. See me for details.

Master Sergiews Inter Club Champs
Due to the Midlands Championships taking place later than usual, Master Sergiews Inter Club will now take place later in the year than usual. Details as soon as I have them.

Licence Renewals
Expiring July

Ismael Samater

Expiring August
BARNET -  Artemis Aryanpour, Joe Steer
ENFIELD - Dakarai O“Garro, Eren Freeman, Nickolas Malinski, Peter Michael, George and Harry Smith, Tina Stevenson


BARNET-Parsa Behnampour-4th, Lara Carroll-Price-21st, Durdana Rizvi-21st
CHESHUNT-Franco Verde-19th, Harrison Baker-31st
ENFIELD-Rishabh Rawat-4th, Omar Ghounbaz-11th, Mary Griffin-14th, Billy Turner-29th, Joe Murrell-30th

CHESHUNT-Jeyhan Kemal-2nd
AUGUST-Tommy-Jay Stevenson-Scott-1st, Amanda Tittle-1st,  Shan Gopaul-2nd,        Stefania Martin-8th, Shani Bocas-29th, Hong Tran-Thuy-31st

Calendar of Events
Sun 19th Sept-Umpires 1 and 2-Cardiff
Fri 16/Sun 19th Sept-Instructors part 2-Bristol
Sat 14th Nov-Refs 1 and 2-Cardiff
Sun 29th Nov-British Champs-Venue to be confirmed

World Championships 2016
These will take place at the Barclaycard Arena in Birmingham on July 16th and 17th

All students can take part

Advertising and Help
We need new faces in the clubs. I'm setting up a proper club facebook account and also a twitter account. Other ideas for social media advertising would be most welcome. I'm also getting some flyers made, as some of you have kindly offered to deliver them and take them into schools. When I have all the social media set up you can help me out by liking and sharing the account and keep googling the website to get the rating up.

Sparring Kit
All Sparring kit used in class must have approved by Tae Kwon Do International on it, with then TAGB logo. All equipment can be purchased through me.

Training and Gradings
It is quite noticeable, especially amongst the junior members, that if there is a grading coming up and they are not yet ready to grade, they tend to miss 2,3, even 4 weeks training.

The Juniors especially tend to forget what they have learnt very quickly if they miss training, especially at holiday periods.

If you are looking to grade in September you will need to train over the school shutdown period.

The criteria is 18 lessons(3 months) between grades up to blue tag and 36 lessons(6 months) for blue belts and above

Red and Black Belts
Every 6 months you need to attend a pre black belt session, 3 sessions if you are grading. If you are not grading there is a nominal charge of £5 for the session. I give details of times and venues nearer the time.

Squad Training
Radmoor Centre, Loughborough, LE11 3BT. Go to for all details

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